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Top 5 Hidden Ways Your Dispensaries Could Be Losing Money

Shawn Cutter
June 21, 2021

Top 5 Hidden Ways Your Dispensaries Could Be Losing Money

If you own a dispensary, it is vital that you create conditions that have the best potential for success. Stores that are not well lit, are cramped, or are unorganized with display cases that feel more foreboding than enticing are destined to be a turn-off for your customers. You run a very different business than traditional retail and customers won’t feel comfortable buying from you without the right atmosphere. With so much on your plate, from securing your supplies to securing your licensing, it might seem some of these details aren’t a priority, but when your competition is utilizing them and you’re not, the proof becomes apparent.  However, GreenScreens can help. Here are 5 tips that will make your space more inviting to customers and boost your business.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression
And with a retail space, that first impression is made before walking through the front door.  The goal is to communicate feelings of professionalism and safety with your design; you want people to feel as comfortable walking into your dispensary or store as they would a café.  Things you should consider include:

  • 1. Clear signage indicating the presence of your business
  • 2. Lights that illuminate the sidewalk or other outdoor space in front of your doors
  • 3. A color scheme that feels inviting and works with the general look of the neighborhood
  • 4. Any signs relating to your licensing clearly on display, as well as a notice as to how old you must be to enter the building

Customer Service
This one may seem like a no-brainer. Obviously, your customer is your number one priority, or at least they should be. At GreenScreens it’s the first tenant to our core values as a company.

So how do you know how well your budtenders treat your customers? You’ll undoubtedly hear from a Cannabis Karen with feedback from time to time, or read an unfavorable Yelp review, but these scenarios always end up being one-sided. Keep an ear out on the sales floor when your team is inclined to think you’re not around. If you discover low morale, you can boost it with GreenScreens. Our services help you gamify sales goals with your team and align your expectations with their deliverables, reminding everyone involved that you’re all in this together.

Control the Flow of Traffic
When retail spaces are designed, every choice is purposeful.  Grocery stores place tempting items on end-of-aisle displays to hook you to walk down them, browse, and ultimately buy things you didn’t know you wanted.  Ikea is designed to feel like a maze and keep you wandering around for hours, making it easier to find those things that weren’t on your list…like that towel rack and those Swedish meatballs. While your dispensary or shop is not likely to be as large or involved as grocery stores or Ikea, the idea is still the same: direct the traffic in a way that encourages customers to view the greatest amount of products possible, creating a flow that takes them from the entrance to the checkout. Digital screens can be incredibly impactful in this situation by acting as an invisible salesperson, informing your browsing customers on brands and specials.

Know Your Audience and Tailor Your Selection
The buyers you attract will be directly related to the products you offer. Should you be selling low-cost products that customers will want to grab, buy, and get out of the door with? Should you be offering high-end products and accessories? Should you be specializing in more artisanal products or edibles?  GreensScreens’ integrations with platforms like Springbig help you to track consumer data in your store so you can really hone in what kind of inventory you should be putting on your shelves.

Cater To Your First-Time Buyers
There are a lot of people out there who are curious about marijuana products, either because they have never tried any before or because they dabbled a bit back in the day but we’re worried about getting on the wrong side of the law.  Now that these products are legal, they are ready to give them a shot, and they are going to have questions…lots of questions.  GreenScreens services can act as a concierge station or a greeter who can help those first-time buyers feel more comfortable and confident in navigating your store by answering their questions before they get to the check out counter.  

All of these strategies and many others can be implemented easily and effectively with GreenScreens. If you’re not already using us, you should be! Book a demo with us today!

Shawn Cutter
Shawn is the CEO of Greenscreens. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in tech, and start-ups. With two successful exits from Fielding Systems (2015) and Quorum (2018), Shawn is driven, hard working and innovative all while leading his team to the top. Say hi on LinkedIn @shawncutter

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