November 29, 2022



ARVADA, CO - Owners and operators in the fast-growing, steadily evolving cannabis retailing sector can now get a detailed, highly-visual overview of store and business operations from one affordable, sector-specific software platform being introduced by the Colorado technology firm GreenScreens.


Developed specifically for cannabis dispensaries, the new GreenScreens Console provides store managers and owners with a data-driven dashboard auto-updated from multiple business systems.Configurable templates provide at-a-glance overviews – and access to more granular data – on the key performance and operation indicators that drive cannabis retailing.


GreenScreens already provides a comprehensive visual messaging platform for dispensaries – driving targeted content to screens that guide, inform and influence customers when in store.The content management platform’s technology stack is already deeply integrated with most of the other technology and information providers active in the cannabis sector.


“Our solution is solely focused on cannabis retailing, so we have a deep understanding of the processes, workflows, information needs and pain points of operators across the United States,” saysShawn Cutter, CTO of the Denver-area start-up. “They’re working in an industry that’s still evolving, still has a lot of gaps, and lacks standardized tools.”


A key driver for developing the GreenScreens Console is offering an easy, convenient platform to surface and visualize the data points that shape day-to-day cannabis retailing operations. Decision-makers are influenced by numerous, diverse reports and indicators, but they’re generated and stored in multiple, mostly unrelated business platforms.


“So a dispensary manager wanting to make informed decisions about everything from sales performance, inventory or even staffing might have to go in and out of several platforms, sift through several data sets and then try to rationalize all that based on raw numbers or simple charts,” explains Cutter. “With our GreenScreens Console, specific views based on multiple data sets from different systems are readily accessible. And that information is updated in real-time, because it’s based on the software integrations we’ve already built.”


Business analytics platforms are common across many industries, but are often highly complex, expensive and offer no technology handshakes or insights into the unique, diverse cannabis dispensary industry. Console is a democratized solution that’s affordable for dispensary businesses of any size or scale, and easy to both learn and use.


GreenScreens has established a major presence in the fast-expanding cannabis retailing sector across the UnitedStates, with 283 locations. Dispensaries use GreenScreens platform to target messaging and display menus on digital signage displays around stores – to educate and motivate customers and boost sales. An in-store advertising model enables retailers to drive incremental sales, brand awareness and loyalty through the on-screen promotion of products sold in stores.


“Smart retailing is all about using real-time data to understand what’s happening in the store and with store operations. When you can tap into the information from systems that run a business, you can be nimble and make good decisions that are going to boost the bottom line, but also the experience of customers,” says Cutter.


“No other company in the dispensary sector has put such a focus on data integrations, and no one else has brought together the right mix of data integrations, content integration and event-driven, data-driven processes to market in the way we have,” adds Cutter.


GreenScreens is already integrated with some20 plus key service providers, including Jane, Blaze, Flowhub, Growflow, Cova, HappyCabbage Analytics, LeafLogix, Range Marketing and Square.


To learn more about GreenScreens platform or speak further with our team and how our products can empower the decisions made on both sides of the counter please reach out to info@greenscreens.tvwith mention of this article.

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