Our Story

The GreenScreens staff is a small but mighty team. We love the challenges and rewards that come with working in the cannabis industry because no two days are ever the same. But most of all, we love the people we to get help.

The crew at GreenScreens all come from different walks of life, but we are united by our efforts to create an elevated, customer-centric atmosphere within the world of retail cannabis. We are dedicated to providing a service that naturally drives sales, reinforces cannabis brands, and engages customers.

Our success is our client’s success. A lot of those that get involved in this industry see a chance to make some fast cash, but at GreenScreens we see an incredible opportunity to help a new marketplace develop into something legendary.

Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account

Customer Satisfaction

It’s our number one priority, and everything we do ties back to our relationship with our customers


We are inspired by this industry and the unique challenges our customers face. We just love what we do


We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we set out to meet and exceed expectations, while honoring our word


Every action we take is intentional to stay true to who we are and why we exist


The GreenScreens Team

Amber Saba Avatar

Amber Saba


Shawn Cutter


Jeremy Klammer Avatar

Jeremy Klammer


John Ripley Avatar

John Ripley


Kim Joe Avatar

Kim Joe

Creative Director

Joni Guererra Avatar

Joni Guerra

Director of Customer Success

Adam Friarson Avatar

Adam Friarson

Account Manager

Eliott Frilet Avatar

Elliot Frilet

Application Developer

Frank Hagney Avatar

Frank Hegney

Strategic Project Advisor

Courtney Cates Avatar

Courtney Cates

Account Executive

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