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Top 5 Ways To Find Dispensaries

Shawn Cutter
November 29, 2022

The world of legal cannabis can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you are living in – or visiting – an area of the country that has cannabis readily available to purchase at a store, the options can be intimidating. I thought it would be a good idea to track a customer’s journey through this experience, starting with the top 5 ways to find a quality dispensary.

1.) Mobile maps

There’s an abundance of mobile map services that can help you find what you’re looking for, even weed. Some of my go-to’s are:
Great for beating traffic!  

Google Maps
Awesome for providing a picture of the store for reference!

-Apple Maps
A perfect option if you want to take a scenic route full of adventure and mystery!

2.) Cannabis industry platforms

The industry standard.

A good reference when you’re visiting a new city.

-Pot guide
Comprehensive and informative.

3.) Word of mouth

The old standard. Ask around. See what the friendly locals say about the dispensaries in their town. Or, if you’re not the outgoing type, you can always see what the resident Cannabis Karen has to say about her conversations with dispensary managers on Yelp.

4.) Look for deals

Competition has grown as more dispensaries have opened, and to stand out some have begun offering a variety of deals. These can range from typical sales, to punch cards, to point systems. Whatever the case, look for a dispensary that will hook you up at the best price.

5.) Print Advertising

If you’re more into the analog lifestyle, fear 5G technology, or your cellphone is dead, you can always pick up a trusty indie newspaper in any city you’re in and likely find listings for all kinds of cannabis shops. Usually in the back section with the ads for singles looking to mingle and attorneys that can help you wiggle out of that pesky DUI charge.

Whatever avenue you choose, I hope these tips help you avoid analysis paralysis when you’re looking for the perfect cannabis shopping experience.  Save that strife for more important matters after you’ve secured your cannabis…like what pizza toppings or ice cream you want.

Shawn Cutter
Shawn is the CTO of Greenscreens. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in tech, and start-ups. With two successful exits from Fielding Systems (2015) and Quorum (2018), Shawn is driven, hard working and innovative all while leading his team to the top. Say hi on LinkedIn @shawncutter

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