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we have built simple, yet effective solutions that are purpose-built for the cannabis industry.

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Streamline your dispensary today

Let's face it, Cannabis is kind of a unique in that everything is new and that makes it tough. We have been working for a long time, building integrations so you do not have to.
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Bring your operation together.

API Integrations - We have built more than 20 Cannabis-specific POS connectors, you can have peace of mind knowing your screens are always up to date.

Easy of use - is how customers describe our platform that enables you to build consistency and remove inventory headaches. From our user-friendly interface to our uniformed and trained tech support.

Maintaining Branding - Brand consistency doesn't require extra work. We'll help you manage content, stay within your branding guidelines and maintain your in-store voice.

Staffroom TV - Powers your staff area with positive news and motivational messages to create a productive and competitive retail environment.

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Grow Cannabis sales today with queues!

We have all experienced long times in cannabis. If you are a dispensary operator and want to improve your flow, contact us today.

  • The success of a business depends on its ability to satisfy the needs of customers and provide them with products or services.
  • Businesses that keep their customers waiting in long queues risk losing them to other stores.
  • Customers order online and pick up in-store. Their orders are listed in the warehouse / stock area on screen for quick and easy fulfillment.
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In-Store Queue

Super Serve your customers in your queue no matter how they choose to shop with a consistent "first in, first out" experience, providing the best possible customer service.

Start your customer's journey as soon as they are checked in.

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Fast Serve Line

Provide customers with the in-store ordering experience or just allow the customers that know what they want a better experience by putting them all in the fast moving line.


Set it and Forget it

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