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5 Things To Take To A Dispensary

Shawn Cutter
November 29, 2022

Bring a valid ID
You’re not going to get far without it, and you’ll be asked for it multiple times. Make sure it is up to date. Your chances of woo-ing a door person with your charm without it are zero…even if you’re 100 years old and look like it. These people have strict regulations to adhere to, and they don’t have time to listen to why you haven’t come prepared. Do them and everyone waiting in line behind you a favor and bring your ID.

Bring cash
There may be an ATM in the dispensary, but it’s always a better bet to just come prepared. Again, due to strict regulations in the legal cannabis market, credit and debit card purchases generally aren’t an option. You can always check price points on a dispensary’s web site before you head out the door so you have an idea of how much cash you’ll need.

Bring your research
Budtenders are friendly folks and they are there to help, but it’s never a bad idea to do your homework first. They get A LOT of the same questions day in and day out. Have mercy on them. Ask your trusty search engine of choice questions about products or strains before you go out to make your purchase.  I’ll even help with this tip that I use to remember the difference between Sativa strains and Indica strains. Sativa is delivers a more active and lively high, whereas Indica strains will put you “in-da-couch”. You’re welcome.

Bring a sense of adventure
I’m a pick and stick kind of guy. Once I find something I like I’m pretty loyal to it. However, the world of cannabis brands and products is constantly evolving and growing. I make a point to take a chance on something new together with my tired and true choices when I visit a dispensary. You may be surprised on what you find along your journey. I know I have been. For example, I used to be big on smokable flower when markets first opened up, and slowly transitioned over to vaping, but over the last few months I’ve found that I’m now an almost strictly edibles guy…which makes me think I should see what’s happened in the vape world since I’ve been gone.

Bring a great attitude
This may be the most important part. Be kind to the people that are there to help you. Don’t be the customer that HAS to be right. Be the customer that is a joy to help. Anyone that’s worked on a retail floor for even 8 hours can relate to how grueling things can get when you’re mobbed with a store full of people. Especially if they all have the 10-yard death glare of a black Friday shopper out for a flat screen TV and the willingness to spill blood in order to get it. Bring a sense of humor, a bit of curiosity, and above all some genuine empathy. You’ll make the world a little better for everyone.

Shawn Cutter
Shawn is the CTO of Greenscreens. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in tech, and start-ups. With two successful exits from Fielding Systems (2015) and Quorum (2018), Shawn is driven, hard working and innovative all while leading his team to the top. Say hi on LinkedIn @shawncutter

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