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Top 5 Ways Brands Can Promote Themselves in Dispensaries

Shawn Cutter
November 29, 2022

Top 5 Ways Brands Can Promote Themselves in Dispensaries

Given the myriad of regulations surrounding cannabis product advertising, how does a brand reach consumers in this space?

Online advertising seems like the obvious answer, but at GreenScreens, we have a different approach – and when you think about it, may seem even more obvious – in the dispensaries they shop at.  

Your Brand Featured on Dispensary Screens
GreenScreens can help you reach customers directly at the point of sale. Imagine your brand, front and center on a screen next to the budtender at checkout. That’s some serious exposure.

Mobile Retargeting  
Through a process called geofencing, your brand can deliver ads to customers on their smart phones while they are shopping in dispensaries that carry your brand.  

Sponsored Education Content
With GreenScreens, you can utilize screens in cannabis shops with engaging and educational video content sponsored by your brand. Offer up some trivia or a joint rolling tutorial to grab the attention of shoppers on the retail floor while emphasizing your products.

Branded Bags
Studies show promotionally branded shopping bags are kept for up to a year and can garner nearly 3,500 visual impressions of the message imprinted on the bag – it’s hard to get a better bang for your advertising buck these days.  

Drop-in Schwag
If you have a branded bag in dispensaries, why not go the extra mile and get some branded lighters, rolling papers, or pens to toss in those bags? Keep those impressions coming and your brand reinforced after the consumer leaves the dispensary.

At GreenScreens our goal isn’t to create more noise on the internet through cheeky online marketing. Our aim is to use screens to guide the customer journey and adapt to their needs on the sales floor and online. Does your brand need more exposure? Book a demo with us today and find out how we can help!

Shawn Cutter
Shawn is the CTO of Greenscreens. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in tech, and start-ups. With two successful exits from Fielding Systems (2015) and Quorum (2018), Shawn is driven, hard working and innovative all while leading his team to the top. Say hi on LinkedIn @shawncutter

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