5 Best Campaigns

November 29, 2022

Now that we’ve followed the customer’s journey into the dispensary, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on the other side of the counter…here are 5 great campaigns to run in your cannabis business that will move product.

Add a gram, or a pre-roll, or an edible, or…
Think about the scenario: You’ve got the customer at the register, their favorite cannabis treats in front of them, wallet-in-hand, but wait…what’s that sleek and eye-catching screen behind the affable budtender say? For an extra 5 bucks they can get a pre-roll?  

“Well knock me down and steal my teeth, I’ll take 2!” they exclaim.

Ok, maybe that wouldn’t be the actual response, unless they were your Great Aunt Dottie from Texas…I digress, but you get the point. People are much easier to upsell when they have their wallets out. And GreenScreens can help you do just that with our cloud-based SaaS digital platform. These campaigns are also a great way to unload stock that is close to its expiration date.

Daily special
Keep your customers engaged and guessing. What incredible blue-plate deal are they going to come across in your fine cannabis establishment today? With the power of our partners at Springbig, you can actually text message them and tell them. Not as cool as say, carrier pigeon, but a lot more effective.

Holiday of the month feature
Hallmark doesn’t have to be the only capitalistic entity to profit from made up holidays, your dispensary should too! Get creative! Have fun with it! For me, nothing caps off a quintessential National Towel Day celebration like a discounted doobie.  

Employee picks
Highlight the expertise and palette of your extraordinary staff. Throw a picture of their beaming mug up on one of your screens with a product description…after all no one should trust a skinny chef, or cannabis teetotaling budtender.

New products
This is a win-win for both dispensary and product brand. With GreenScreens you can promote new products in your store strategically AND gather customer data on buying habits. This gives you a better idea on whether or not to restock that edible that looks like a gummy worm and tastes like purple.

All of these campaigns and many others can be implemented easily and effectively with GreenScreens. If you’re not already using us, you should be! Book a demo with us today!

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