Carrying Expiring Products?

November 29, 2022

Flash sale! “Get these select products while supplies last”… is code name for- we have expiring products we need to get rid of. As many of our customers know, it’s easy to get carried away in the hundreds of tasks a dispensary faces on a daily basis, but what if informing your staff on expiring products wasn’t a part of that list? Greenscreens integrated menus not only help inform the consumers on what’s available but can also keep the staff informed on products that are reaching the end of their shelf life. This week we are highlighting our friends over at GoldenMeds and how they do a great job utilizing the GS platform to ensure expiring products have their day/week to shine.

"What was once viewed as only a back office/inventory issue has now become an expedited avenue for selling product. The staff on the retail floor are now informed and empowered to move products that need to be sold, and we are giving them the runway to move the product before they are penny’d out, therefore maintaining their margins.” - Jeremy Klammer, CPO Greenscreens

At Greenscreens we strongly advocate for a proactive approach vs the reactive basis that plagues the industry, and we’ve partnered with our dispensary customers to provide a solution to the stresses of inventory management.  

No other industry faces the critical component of the inventory on hand directly implicating a dispensary if improperly sold. The restrictions and regulations associated with cannabis retailers has launched GreenScreens into action and we are developing new tools (outside of our integrated content/menu boards) to streamline the process of moving expiring products from the stock room to bud room floor, to consumers carryout bag.  

Do you as the retailer have to penny-out inventory or give products away in order to stay compliant and not mistakenly sell a product that has expired? Worse yet, do you have to go through the painful and expensive process of destroying expired product? What if in a perfect world there was a tool that gave you insight into the products that were approaching expiration over the next 30 days, 60 days or better yet 90 days AND the revenue implication associated with each product?! Well, the proverbial fairy godmother is here! GreenScreens is Beta testing our newest product to provide this exact information to our dispensary managers, thus giving visibility into the pipeline of expiring products so each location has the runway to avoid discounting products that are approaching expiration, and rather display images of the product on their GreenScreens TV’s to remind consumers and staff that these products are the hot topic at the moment. We are striving to enable our dispensary customers to stay compliant, have visibility through real-time data and maintain 100% of their margins by keeping time on their side.  

GreenScreens blogs are written by our GOAL DIGGERS to educate, inform, amuse and entertain any audience inside or outside the cannabis industry. Enjoy, share and leave a comment!

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