Keeping Your Stash Safe This Holiday Season

November 29, 2022

It's that time of year again. Candy is everywhere. The one thing we don’t want is for an infused edible or Canna-treat to get mixed in with the gobs of candy the younger ones will be getting into as this year comes to an end. Here are a three tid-bits to keep your tasty cannabis candies out of harm’s way.

Get high, but also keep them high

The more obvious of our tips would be to ensure your edibles are literally above eye level from the youngsters and in a place where they would often not look. This may be an upper shelf in the kitchen or tucked away in your mirror-back medicine cabinet that you often see in horror movie bathrooms. While the packaging on your edibles may seem harmless and familiar to a candy-eater, it’s very alluring to the little ones that are looking for their next sugar high to fuel their dressed-up night of fun.

Keep it cold, keep it safe

The most overlooked place that you may keep your edibles in the fridge. As you may know storing some edibles in the fridge can greatly improve the freshness of a product, and as you may also be aware, kids check the fridge on an hourly basis for the latest snack and that means keeping your chocolate bar or infused cola in a lock tight container or simply a Tupperware container to separate the goods from the grub.  

Mother knows best

The GreenScreens moms on our team are on high alert throughout this season as our kids receive all sorts of candy. “My twins have no idea that candy could be/can be unsafe for them. They see the tempting colors and candy-coated layering that is so inviting, and at no point do they pause to ask themselves if this is a ‘mommy/daddy candy’ or ‘for me to enjoy’. The education of safe candy is on me and my husband alone, especially when/if edibles are introduced into our household” says Amber Saba.
She continues to add, “I’m already neurotic about safe candy consumption when we collect fun sized souvenirs from our neighbors who we truly don’t know, so why would I view the accidental consumption of infused candy any differently?!”

Stay safe with the treats that have come into your house whether it was from a friendly neighbor or your favorite dispensary!

GreenScreens blogs are written by our GOAL DIGGERS to educate, inform, amuse and entertain any audience inside or outside the cannabis industry. Enjoy, share and leave a comment!

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