Martha Stewart (M. Diddy) – Pt. 1

November 29, 2022

As you may or may not have heard, the one and only Martha Stewart has thrown her hat into the CBD ring with a line of gummies, oils, and soft chews. While the news of this endeavor made its way around the internet this week with standard reactions from the public at large, that wasn’t really the case here at GreenScreens.

When it comes to Martha Stewart, our COO, Amber Saba, is a bit of a fanatic. To put it simply, we refer to her as THE Martha Stewart of GreenScreens. And really, when you start to breakdown the comparison, it adds up.

They both have impeccable taste with a classic yet refined design aesthetic. They both share a strong but calm acumen as businesswomen (which I like to describe as leading with an iron fist while wearing a velvet glove). It only starts to get a bit murky when criminal records come into play, but I digress…

Amber immediately ordered some of Martha’s new CBD products and is beside herself with anticipation as she waits for their arrival. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it in time for Amber to share her experience of indulgence with us via blog post this week, we are hoping that will work out for next week. In the meantime I decided to ask Amber a few questions to see if I could glean a bit of background into what makes her so enamored with M. Diddy.


Rian Kochel: When did you first become aware of Martha Stewart?

Amber Saba:  As a child, my mother always had Martha Stewarts shows on in the background as we cleaned or cooked. Martha Stewart was somewhat of a staple in our home, as my mother strived for perfection in every way. Our house was to be spotless and tidy, organized and fresh, warm and inviting…simply put it needed to be the best. Our furniture was beautiful, the décor was meticulously selected over time, she took risk with color and texture that came together so elegantly, clutter was unacceptable, and an unmade bed was out of the question. That was just the inside, and I must say even our garden was Martha worthy.

RK:  What about her initially interested you?

AS:  Martha Stewart always had a commanding, confident presence. She glamourized home making, baking, decorating, gardening and so much more. She changed the perception of homemaking, almost overnight, and made it a lifestyle. Marth Stewart taught us so many things, from making a remarkable entree, baking a beautiful birthday cake, hosting the ultimate gathering, how to carve a turkey, even how to fold a fitted sheet.  She was like a fairy god mother with a magic wand. Everything she touched turned into something beautiful and perfect in every way. #goals!

RK:  Why do you consider her an icon in your life?

AS:  As a young girl, I took interest in her energy. I was fascinated that she was the hub of her organization, brand, and her team. Martha Stewart was a role model to me as a female. I wanted to lead in a fashion that resembled her leadership style and make a positive impact as a businesswoman. She gave women a platform to say, “I can do that!” Martha Stewart taught me that confidence is key, don’t ever panic and stay in control.

RK:  Do you have a favorite piece of Martha Stewart advice/wisdom?

AS:  There are so many – I cannot be limited to just one!
1. “I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There’s no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life.”

2. “Seek out people to work with who are brimming with talent, energy, integrity, optimism, and generosity.”

3. “So the pie isn’t perfect? Cut it into wedges. Stay in control, and never panic.”

4. “Without an open mind, you can never be a great success.”

RK:  How has she influenced your life?

AS:  Martha Stewart has been a huge influence in my life, both personally and professionally.

In my career, I have admired her entrepreneurial spirit, her dedication, and her sense of control. Martha Stewart has never been afraid of hard work. She once said in an interview “my life is my job, and my job is my life”, her mindset related to her work and her desire for perfection has only proved that she is a master of her craft when it comes to being a powerhouse business woman. She’s never been afraid to try something new, and I try to emulate this model in my career.

As for my personal life, there is a reason why my nickname is “Martha”. I have a true passion for the lifestyle Martha Stewart shared with the world. My love for entertaining, homemaking, decorating, hosting and making every occasion special has been described as an obsession at times, however, when I look back on the special moments in my life, I know I made those moments memorable not only for myself but for my loved ones. I absolutely go the extra mile to “do it right’ and make it perfect.

Some of my favorite moments with my Martha touch are my children’s baptism. I had their christening gowns made out of my wedding dress, my sons gown was adorned with a cross from my grandfather that he carried through the war with him (my son is named after this grandparent), and we followed true Italian tradition by having each godmother dress their godchild. I strive to make every holiday special, like the Easter Bunny’s footprints left by their gifts, Halloween is always thoughtful when it comes to our twin’s costumes (Trump and Hillary during the election year), and reindeer pancakes for Christmas. I make sure every birthday party has a fabulous theme; past themes include “My First Rodeo”,  “Two Cool, and Adios Dos”. I have all their artwork hung beautifully for all to see in my quaint dining room.  

I also take care to make occasions for my husband and I memorable and special. Our wedding had many touches of Martha, like my bouquet being wrapped with my grandmother’s handkerchief and a silhouette necklace I always admired when I was a little girl. My shoes were blue Manolo’s as my something blue, my grandfather’s cross was sewn in over my heart as well as a cutout from one of his shirts. There is also a reason why I host ALL of my dear friends’ bridal showaers, baby showers, and special occasions. I love hosting dinners, holiday get–togethers, and company gatherings. I cherish the moments when I create an experience for the people I love. Making an impact and a memory for someone else inspires me.


These thoughtful answers that Amber shared are undeniable proof she is not a fair-weather fan of Martha and her legacy. And, like myself and the rest of the GreenScreens crew, if you’re fortunate enough to work with her day-to-day out here on the forefront of the emerging cannabis market, you’d see what’s abundantly clear to the rest of us; Amber Saba has built her life professionally and personally on a foundation of integrity…and as Martha Stewart herself would say: It’s a good thing. Keep an eye out next week for her review of Martha’s new CBD products!

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