Take-a-Break Room

November 29, 2022

On this week’s GreenScreens NYK (Now You Know), we are highlighting our valued customer Greenside Rec. out of Washington. While many of our customers utilize our integrated screens for the retail floor facing capabilities that benefit the customer and staff alike, Greenside Rec. has taken full advantage of our integrated platform to address the back of house. The “breakroom” screen is aimed at highlighting the best of what makes a dispensary team successful. Communicating appreciation and tracking sales initiatives and goals is a great way to boost morale and keep every member of the team informed.

While the screen in the breakroom works as a great tool for internal communication and gratitude, it also keeps staff informed on product promotions, key metrics, KPIs and weekly specials. GreenScreens works with participating product companies that are running promotional campaigns within that single dispensary or MSO and is able to surface the appropriate information on the menus and staff displays. At Greenscreens we work to empower and inform the customers and staff to harmonize the retail experience regardless of the screen. To learn more on how we can transform your breakroom TV please reach out to your account manager or Courtney Cates (info below).



Phone: 720.340.3451

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